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Vision Statement

We envision people from all walks of life, living in a sustainable future. We believe this is attainable with uncomplicated changes that will benefit not only the bees and the environment, but society in a healthy and economic way. Bridging the gap between how so many people view climate change today.

Mission Statement

Blading for Bees mission is to promote and circulate knowledge on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Using bees and pollinators as a lens, we aim to educate the public on how to lower their ecological footprint while showing them how enticing it is to do so in the process.

Future Steps

Goals and Objectives

Our team will be creating a platform that will educate communities across our nation and the world on issues pollinators, the environment, and humans are facing today. We will break the Guinness World Record for the longest journey on roller skates by rollerblading across Canada. Being an example and showing others what we are willing to do, as we shine a light on these issues, we bring attention to other organizations that inhibit the same values that we do, resulting in a community that is working towards a better tomorrow.

Zachariah Choboter

Blading For The Bees!

The Founder & Team Lead

Blading For Bees

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