Blading For Bees

In 2021, Zach tirelessly inline skated 10,000 km across Canada, breaking a Guinness World Record. In 2024, he will attempt to become the first human to circumnavigate the earth on inline skates.



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Our Purpose

The Blading for Bees team is a small passionate group of individuals who believes that change is possible. Our purpose is to show the public that it’s in all of our best interests to be climate activists. Follow along on our journey as we rollerblade around the world in 2024!

What We've Done

In 2021, Zach skated 10,093 km across Canada, setting the new Guinness World Record for “Longest Continuous Journey on Rollerblades."

What's Next?

We are excited to announce that the Blading For Bees team is currently planning an epic expedition for 2024. Embarking on a feat that no human has achieved before, Zach will become the first human to inline skate around the world.

Blading For Bees

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